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Our Name

cutout-logo-outlined-copyChurch names tell a lot about the mentality, philosophy and general ministry model of a church. In our efforts of trying to find a church name that would fit the overall goal of  the ministry, we landed on “life church.”

In the 10th chapter of the book of John, Jesus clearly defines his purpose in coming.  John 10:10 tells us that Jesus came “so that we might have life and life more abundantly.”   The overarching goal of his ministry was not to diminish or detract from people, but rather to give them a better life.

More precisely to affect their whole life with his Gospel! Jesus followed this incredible statement with a perplexing quote, that in all honesty I missed the significance of for most of my life. He follows in vs 11 by saying “ I am the good Shepherd, the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.” The reason I never quite understood the flow of Jesus’ thought here is that it seems as if he is changing gears, or steering our focus in another direction. The truth is that he is summing up his statement of purpose.

In essence, Jesus tells us that he came to give us life, and that he is a shepherd who gives his life for the sheep. Wrapped in this statement is the understanding that a shepherd’s duty is to lead, the target to which he leads is life. Jesus leads us to life, and he does so by giving his life in exchange for ours!

The entire ministry of Jesus was about leading people to life. Helping them to change their hearts , minds , and actions by experiencing a gospel that affects the entire scope of a person’s life.

This is why we landed on “life church”, because that simple word life says everything about why Jesus came, and why he still operates in our world today.

He still leads people to life, by the spirit! The primary statement of salvation to Nicodemus , in John 3, spoke of spiritual transformation through the new birth.

Built into this simple word life is an understanding of our relationship with God from beginning with a new birth, to  the ending with eternal life.

Scientific research tells us that the inherent nature of life is growth. In selecting our logo we were looking for something that communicated the growth nature of life. Our logo is a graphic of a quaking aspen leaf which is common to the flagstaff area. A leaf is a sure sign that a tree is indeed alive and growing, what more fitting to communicate life than an everyday witness seen around the city!

Life is such a simple word, four letters that encompass  and define our very existence. Four letters that separate the living from the dead. People need life, they need abundant life.

Our  constant prayer is that this city will be led to life in Jesus, at life church!